Our Identity

The Vallmont bilingual school is a limited liability company, established essentially by a group of teachers and individuals committed to quality education.

The school’s aim is to promote the social development of pupils to facilitate their integration in the academic and working world throughout their lives.

The Vallmont School is a non-confessional and ideologically neutral state-assisted private school which strives to offer parents and pupils a high-quality educational system throughout their education. We offer an open and flexible methodology which is continually adapted to current needs.

Our education reaches beyond the classrooms and school hours thanks to complementary and extracurricular activities.

Our Vision

We would like our school to be characterised by quality and excellent service. Therefore, we aim to develop an educational project which is defined by high academic levels, solid preparation in languages and integration in the new technologies within education, based on a series of values.

Our Values

The Vallmont School aims to equip pupils with a suitable approach to personal and social life, enabling them to develop as individuals who are sensitive to cultural and social problems. We therefore promote the development of an educational project based on:

  • Respect irrespective of race.
  • Responsibility between teachers and workers at the centre.
  • Collaboration between the different members of the educational institution.
  • Tolerance and social commitment with the environment, raising awareness among all members of the educational institution about the conservation and care of our surroundings and energy savings.
  • Commitment towards pupils and families with greater needs.
  • Creativity and innovation in line with the development of society.