I-Rosell_FerrándezLetter from the Head

This Website is intended as a means of communication for all members of the School’s Educational Community and a portal to provide information about our Centre for all those interested.

The Vallmont School is a State-Assisted Bilingual School in the Community of Madrid, which covers all education stages from 1 year to University level. Furthermore, we continue to grow with the implementation of Intermediate and Advanced modules in the vocational branch. Our goals can be summarised by the following fundamental principles:

Continuous and personalised tutor-based monitoring of pupils in order to achieve the maximum development of skills of each pupil.

Development of the values of commitment, responsibility, respect towards others, friendship and commitment to the environment..

Importance of languages. From Nursery School we promote English as an essential communication language. To do so, we have highly qualified teachers and native teaching assistants who help us to achieve continuous growth in our pupils. Proof of this is that we are one of the few State-Assisted Bilingual Secondary Schools in the Community of Madrid. Furthermore, from the third year of Primary Education our pupils learn a second foreign language, French.

The value of sport. We instil an interest for sports as a healthy lifestyle in our pupils. From Nursery School to the end of ESO (Compulsory Secondary Education) we dedicate an hour per week to swimming in our indoor swimming pool. At our School we have developed programmes such as Teaching Sport, through which, prominent sportsmen from different disciplines visit the School and share a session with pupils in the Sports Hall.

Digital literacy. We place emphasis on working in the IT rooms in order to gain the technological skills necessary in the present day. All IT rooms have a digital whiteboard.

For several years the Vallmont School has been part of the Microsoft IT Academy Educational Project, in which pupils who so desire can obtain official qualifications in Microsoft Technologies.

Our IVallmont Project, which is in its second year, allows pupils from the third to sixth years of Primary Education and the first year of Secondary Education to use an Ipad as a daily work tool both at school and at home. Thanks to this project, research, discovery and the use of different applications strengthen the learning process, teaching pupils to become active participants in their own learning.
We hope you all find this website useful.

Rosell Ferrández