Jolly Phonics

We started working with this method last year at the Infant stage and this year it has been introduced at the Primary stage. Jolly Phonics helps pupils to acquire the four English skills in a fun and simple fashion. It is extremely helpful to improve reading, writing, pronunciation and grammar in the English language.

Jolly Phonics is a system for teaching English which is based on the acquisition of the sounds of each letter and joining these sounds to form words. In this manner, children can read words and sentences from a very young age, and can also write these words. Each sound is treated individually. Each sound is accompanied by a movement, a story, a song and a wide variety of games, facilitating learning in a way which is dynamic and interesting for children.

It is a multi-sensory method which is used throughout the world, and is very effective in helping pupils to master such complicated aspects like the pronunciation, reading and writing of this language. The English teachers at the Vallmont School are certain that each of our children will improve their level of English in a short space of time, thanks to Jolly Phonics.