From the outset, the Vallmont School has been committed to an education in which learning foreign Frances-vallmontlanguages is of the utmost importance.

In 2008, the school was selected as “A State-Assisted Primary Education Centre in the Community of Madrid” in English. While this language is one of the most important, we believe that our pupils should learn a second foreign language and that it should be French.

In order to acquire a good knowledge of a language, teaching should start at an early age. For this reason, language teaching starts in the third year of Primary Education up to Bachillerato.

It is increasingly important in our society to have a good knowledge of languages, as knowing several languages opens up possibilities for development and prepares pupils for an increasingly competitive job market.

French is becoming increasingly more important, especially as the headquarters of the European Union are located in Strasbourg. As it is the official language in countries such as France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland, we believe that learning French is essential, without forgetting the importance of the language to communicate in countries such as Canada, Morocco, Guinea, Madagascar, Algeria, French Polynesia and overseas territories.