Aulas PID

From the outset, the Vallmont School has undertaken a substantial economic and staff commitment to implement Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) as management tools and in the education of pupils.

Based on this approach, the school boasts two IT rooms with 30 devices each, an intranet has been set up as an internal means of information and communication and all of the school’s classrooms, from Infant Education to Bachillerato, have interactive whiteboards (IWB) and a computer with internet connection.

The IWB classrooms are educational and technological spaces which, in our experience, are extremely beneficial to pupils and teachers in general.

Benefits for pupils:

  • Increased motivation and learning.
  • Pupils are increasingly motivated and interested thanks to the fact that they enjoy more appealing and colourful classes, fostering team work, debates and the eye-catching presentation of work to peers, enabling pupils to become more self-confident and to develop social skills.
  • The use of digital whiteboards facilitates comprehension, especially in the case of complex concepts as it enables the use of videos, simulations and images to reinforce explanations and it is therefore possible to interact. Pupils are able to revise concepts as teachers can send class content or part of the explanations to pupils by e-mail.

Benefits for teachers:

  • Flexible resource which can be adapted to different teaching strategies:
  • The resource can be adapted to different teaching methods, reinforcing teaching strategies with the whole class, and also serving as a suitable combination in the individual and group work of pupils.
  • The interactive whiteboard is an ideal tool for constructivist teachers as it is a device which encourages the critical thinking of pupils. The creative use of the whiteboard is only limited by the imagination of the teacher and the pupils.
  • The whiteboard encourages the flexibility and spontaneity of teachers, as they can make notes directly on web resources using different coloured markers.
  • The interactive whiteboard is an excellent resource to be used in videoconference systems, fostering collaborative learning through communication tools.
  • Possibility of accessing an attractive ICT which is easy to use.
  • The interactive whiteboard is a resource which sparks the interest of teachers to use new teaching strategies and to make a greater use of ICTs, stimulating professional development.
  • It is a simple technology for teachers, especially if compared to using computers for the whole class.

In short, this IWB Classroom Project is in line with the culture of our global society, fostering the knowledge culture through technological tools.