This stage covers pupils between six and eleven years of age.
We offer:

  • Bilingual School in the Community of Madrid.
  • Bilingual Spanish and English education from the first to the sixth year of Primary Education during more than 30 % of class time.
  • i-Vallmont project in One To One primary education.
  • Native language assistants.
  • Second language from the third year of Primary Education: French.
  • Swimming included in school time.
  • IT included in school time.
  • Educational reinforcement and support programme.
  • Study skills.
  • Phonics project.
  • Programme for gifted children out of school hours.
  • Digital Whiteboards in all classrooms.
  • Preparation for official Cambridge exams.
  • Extended hours.

The uniform is compulsory within the school premises and at certain activities established by the Head.

School hours:




See tutorial schedule.

First stage

Second stage

Third stage

Tutorials can be requested via the school diary.

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